Counting down to college.

So it begins. A year from now, in May 2012, our oldest child will commit to a college.

Of course, that presupposes he will be accepted into at least one college of his choice. Which presupposes he will meet the deadlines, complete all the applications, request the recommendation letters, write the essays, and actually pick which schools.

This journey truly began some time ago. Were we thinking about this during the Saskatoon Montessori preschool visit in 1997? Probably not, but in 2004-5 when we anticipated moving from Canada back to the States, a ‘college town’ topped our list of relocation requirements.

We found a new home in central Virginia, ten minutes from one of the top public universities. And we started stopping by campuses on most every road trip.

Five years later, the tall son (aka Mod Squad Pete) turned to me and said, “I feel like we’ve been looking at colleges for a long time, but now it’s serious.”

Here we go.



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7 responses to “Counting down to college.

  1. Ellen

    What a great idea! Enjoyed it a lot – and am impressed by the lengthy list of college visits.

  2. Jen

    We have the same plan: To start visiting colleges whenever we travel. Our older girl is going into 7th, so we’ll probably start in two or three years, as she’s already thinking about her collegiate options.

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