4 Secrets from How to Make Colleges Want You

Some years back we watched “21”, the movie made from the book about the MIT students who learned a card counting system to beat Vegas at blackjack. The main character is one of many superstar students applying for a joint MIT/Harvard School of Public Health program. As I remember (weasel phrase if you ever heard one), he learns the blackjack system so he can stand out from all the other Woebegone Kids applying.

Mod Squad Pete, then in 8th grade, asked a few days later, “What can I do to stand out?”

I mentioned his question to my sister (HS guidance counselor in Midwest). A few days later, when she ran across this book, she sent me a link. I ordered it: our first college book purchase.

How to Make Colleges Want YouThis is one of the few college books that he read. At least, I thought he read it until I looked it up to write about and found a bookmark a third of the way through.

Nonetheless, this is one that he was, at least, sort of, interested in.

Quick synopsis:  author Mike Moyer was not a SuperKid in high school, but he figured out how to make himself stand out to colleges and he will share his tips with you. Among them are these four:

  1. Present the diversity a college needs. (Takes research to find out who needs you.)
  2. Get noticed with Non-Teenager Activities. (He raised homing pigeons, demonstrated their skills to admissions officers.)
  3. Break out of the expected ‘Zone’. (The Zone could be geographic, demographic, etc.)
  4. Strike the college’s ‘Nerve.’ (As much as they want diversity, they still need to know you will fit in.)

Title:  How to Make Colleges Want You:  Insider Secrets for Tipping the Admissions Odds in Your Favor

Recommend? It’s a bit of a hoot for the student to read. A fun place to begin.

Stars (out of five):  3


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