Still a High School Junior?

The end of junior year feels fuzzy, moving from black & white targets to gray. Early May AP exams — the two weeks when high school juniors across the country take their CollegeBoard AP Chemistry or AP US History or AP whatever exams at exactly the same time — provided the hard target for most of the year. Post-exam projects maintained momentum for another week or so.

Then: inertia crept in.

While the junior, aka Mod Squad Pete, watched good friends finish their senior years and prepare for graduation (and multiple end of year wrap-ups, barbecues, bonfires, and parties), his willingness to plan for next week — let alone next year — vanished.

A mild intervention (“mild” is my word, not his) over Memorial Day weekend resulted in tasks organized by headings:  before school ends, for the summer, for college. Each day or so, he knocks another one off the list. Yesterday, he put one back on.

The ‘Before School Ends’ tasks included:

  • Make requests to teachers for recommendation letters…
  • …Which also involves finding out how to contact a teacher no longer at his school.
  • Complete Guidance Counselor’s questionnaire (so she can write her letters during the summer).
  • Complete course selection for senior year (has been discussed for months; absolute deadline: June 10).
  • Learn music for Middle School graduation. (The school invited M.S. Pete, an alum, to play the processional and recessional.)

And the progress report:

The Middle School grad took place last week; that one is complete. We didn’t attend, but teachers complimented him (as they would).

The questionnaire response has made it through a couple of drafts; it’s near done and sounds more like him with each iteration.

One teacher accepted his request for a recommendation; M.S. Pete needs to write the second teacher.

We signed off on the course selection last week — and yesterday he decided to write his counselor to ask to meet and discuss a possible change. Great:  His idea, we discussed pros and cons, and he can make the decision with her.

Three more days, then the ‘Summer’ list kicks in.



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