Which Colleges Offer Which Majors?

Rugg's Recommendations on the CollegesFrom the overstuffed shelves of college books, sometimes you find one that was written and published to answer just one question:  Which good colleges offer a major in _____ [fill in the blank]___ ?

Rugg’s Recommendations on the Colleges by Frederick E. Rugg answers that question.

  1. The first section offers thirty-nine ‘Recommended Undergraduate Programs,’ as Rugg puts it: “quality departments at quality colleges.” Under each of these major programs (Ag to Zoology), the recommended colleges are broken down by selectivity (most, very, and selective) with codes indicating the size of the school.
  2. The second section offers sixty-eight ‘Miscellaneous Majors.’ I heard of this book from a friend (and librarian); she had used it to research colleges offering Musical Theatre majors.
  3. The third section lists SAT, ACT and recommended majors for all the colleges mentioned in the book.

This description seems rather basic — a book of lists — but I found it surprisingly useful for building a list of colleges to research. Plus, how many books offer up a photo of the author as Sherlock Holmes?

N.B., My copy came from the library; Rugg’s website indicates the updated editions are published in .pdf form only.

Title:  Rugg’s Recommendations on the Colleges

Recommend? Yes. Useful for basic department research.

Stars (out of 5):  4


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