Wednesday Weekly Reader: 6 Stories

Recent news from the college admissions / search / finance front.

1.  The Answer:  Procrastinate, Failure to Proofread, Generic Essay. The Question:  What are the most avoidable mistakes students make throughout the admissions process. More avoidable mistakes in the post; all via Unigo.

2.  Infographic: Paying off student loans has become more difficult. [Shows interest rates, default rates, BA degree unemployment rates.] Via The Lawlor Group.

The growing public awareness that new graduates are finding it increasingly difficult to pay off their student loans is causing prospective students and their families to become more prudent in considering a college’s overall price and what constitutes a reasonable amount of loan debt.

3.  College Enrollment Managers now dealing with the ‘summer melt.‘ Via The State.

Knowing some students will decide to enroll elsewhere and others will get caught in the summer melt [estimated elsewhere in this article at 10%], schools offer acceptance to more students than they expect to enroll. Then they make their best guess on how much on-campus housing to set aside. They also try to set aside enough institutional financial aid in case that melt percentage is a bit lower and more financially needy students show up on campus.

4.  Will Mod Squad Pete read this one? Probably not, even though it’s a very short list.  Create Filing Systems for Both Electronic and Paper Documents. Via My College Calendar.

5.  Just starting to think about what’s involved? The College Admissions Insider blog from US News & World Report is here with 8 Strategies for Starting Your College Application Process. Somewhat reassuring to read it all on one brief page.

Getting started in the college application process can be a daunting task. While the paperwork itself will require careful management, the creative energy that must be given to developing key messages and application themes—and crafting them into compelling personal statements—can be all-consuming.

6.  Finally, with more Biz / Econ majors in the US than anything else, here’s a much-needed shout-out for the Humanities:  Why the Humanities matter more, via Inside Higher Ed:

They are what we do best in this country. Oh, we love to celebrate our ingenuity in science and manufacturing, but in this epoch of the flat world, our dominance in those fields is no longer assured. What we do best – despite the near total absence of public support – is paint, and sing, and compose, and write, and read, and watch. And then argue and debate over all of it.

Any of this useful? Please let me know. What have you read?



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2 responses to “Wednesday Weekly Reader: 6 Stories

  1. Kim

    Having just been through the college process with one, I’m coming to the realization that two years at community college, then easily transferring to your first choice college may be the way to go, both emotionally (lose the 9 months of parental vs child stress leading up to application deadlines and then during the interminable wait for acceptance or denial letters) and financially. In the end, you still have a degree with your name on it from a good 4 year school, plus a lot less debt for either the students or their parents.

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