Is it Rough Being a High School Senior?

July 2011 Calendar

July 2011; calendar by M.S. Julie

Last we checked in with Mod Squad Pete and his never-ending To Do lists related to college, he was still a HS Junior.

Graduation came and went, followed by the last day of school (which marked a few deadlines for him), then summer came.

And since he has now officially become a HS senior, in this case, according to Pete, “Summer = bummer.” At least he smiled when he said that.

The best news, from Pete’s standpoint:

  • There has been some time, almost every day, at the sports club and pool.
  • His “Magic” card-playing capabilities have increased multi-fold.
  • Composing music on newly-learned pro software is totally sick.

The good news, again, from Pete:

  • The college summer course he took was more interesting than expected (and he expected it would be), had some fun classmates (DivI basketball players), he did well, and it’s done.
  • Playing music for a cousin’s wedding went well, plus he loved the music: Frankie Vallie‘s “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” and Natalie’s “This Will Be.” There was dancing both up and down the aisle.
  • At least once there has been a father-son SuperSoaker activity.

The ‘summer = bummer’ perspective:

  • College visits include interviews now, which require setting up, which require multiple emails.
  • Interviews require preparation and handwritten thank you letters.
  • His parents buy-in that summer is the best time to get essays drafted. And required him to set up a spreadsheet of colleges, Common App questions, and supplementary app questions.
  • Hmm, taking the SAT again only makes sense if you do some prep for it.
  • Yep, other people are advising important senior summer activities, not just the parents. See here, here, here, here, and here. [Only time limits the number of links provided to this perennial topic.]
  • Designing a CD package for yourself is much more fun than designing one for your eight-member vocal group and Director — most of whom have opinions and some of whom still haven’t provided a bio.
  • He’s also cursed with parents who respond to ‘bummer’ with the good news, as in…

At least:

  • He’s not taking an on-line course. See The trap: Online summer courses. via USA Today College.
  • He’s worked hard enough over the past few years to have lots of options. Or as his admissions-consulting Aunt said, “He’s earned the right to enter the [admissions] lottery anywhere he chooses.”

Bummer or not, he’s truly interested in the possibilities ahead and understands the necessity for work today.

Right, Pete? Pete? Oh, yeah, he’s at the pool.

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5 responses to “Is it Rough Being a High School Senior?

  1. Jen

    Even though my older girl is a rising 7th grader, I have to admit that I’m sort of casually gathering information on the whole college process. It feels like it’s gotten so much more complicated since my husband and I applied almost 30 years ago. So, thank you for this blog. I’m reading it and taking notes.

    • Hey Jen, she and Mod Squad Linc will be going through this at the same time — we could do road trips together! [Any chance she’s interested in sports management / biz / economics?] Thank you for the kind comment.

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