Every college talk is a tough talk.

I delude myself. I always think we’ll sit down, the three of us — Mod Squad Pete and two parents, go over questions and topics that need attention, and we’ll each walk away with a to do list and a feeling of some movement forward. The conversation started with whether we’d visit two more colleges in August and moved quickly to the current short list. No attributions needed for the quotes that follow, I’m guessing.

College tee

Dear College: Your name could go here!

“I don’t want to go to College ABC.”

“You liked it when we attended the open house; you came away loving it.”

“But I don’t want to go there.”

“You’re the one that didn’t like DEF University; I liked their campus.”

“Ok, put them on the list.”

“I liked their campus, but I don’t want to go there.”

“How about University of GHI? I’m concerned we’re cutting the list too much.”

“Do they need a supplementary app essay?”



“Do I have to apply to JKL University?”

“NO! You’re the one that put it on the list.”

“Well, I’m taking it off now.”

“MNO College is a better school than Univ of PQR.”

“Really, you think? What’s their selectivity rating?”

“96. I told you, PQR is 92!”

Around and around we went, none of us enjoying it much. Although I do remember laughing and, by the end, we all three had a clearer picture of what’s important to M.S. Pete and what he’s most interested in going after.

What we know so far:  Pete wrote up a potential list in January when he met with his [terrific] HS guidance counselor. She made a few recommendations when we met with her and the list continued to evolve as he visited colleges during Spring Break. Now it’s changed again; I wouldn’t be surprised if it changes further before the final deadlines for early and regular applications.

Thank goodness Pete keeps us laughing. Most of the time. And, oh yes, he ended up adding that extra University even though that put one more supplementary application question on his list.

More tough talks to come, I’m sure.

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