Monday is Fun Day…

Today’s view from my window is a drab, grey day. Add to that:  All I could think about much of the past weekend was whether it was a bigger drag to be a high school senior (like Mod Squad Pete) or the parent of a high school senior (like, umm, me).

Pete had a long list of tasks:

  1. homework for a full college-prep course load (interim grades will be reported in the next week or two),
  2. his standard extracurricular load of [mostly] sports and music, including practices, lessons, concerts, and games,
  3. a list of household chores (which includes doing his own laundry and driving siblings to some of their activities),
  4. selling ads for journalism class (with friends, so this might have been a fun thing),
  5. meeting up with a study group (also counts as socializing, right?),
  6. and, the ever-present list of tasks related to getting into college (way too long to list here, but this will give you an idea).

Last week offered up a true highlight:  his jazz vocal group CD was launched — great music, great launch party, everyone is happy with the product (including Pete’s product and brochure design).

But for the most part, there’s no getting away from the list, nor the attention of his parents. And that, upon occasion, wears me out, too.

Image representing Sporcle as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

So, forget the latest college news for now. I’ll get to that another day.

For your entertainment:

  • A highly appropriate Sporcle quiz (and if you have not yet met Sporcle and its “mentally stimulating diversions,” feel free to thank me for the time-sink).
  • Followed by a YouTube tribute to Pete’s favorite saying when I succumb to the stress: “Mom. You are freaking out.”

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