How HS Parents Talk: Recruiting counselor chimes in.

Mod Squad Pete is on his way to the airport to make one last college visit. [Wait a minute — if I actually publish ‘last’ am I setting him up for more visits after the Early Action deadline? Pondering this…]

Mt Auburn Cemetery: View of Boston from Washin...

Image by Chris Devers via Flickr

For this visit, he’ll stay with family, tour the college with a favorite cousin, meet family friends who are current students, and he’ll be visiting one of his favorite cities [he’s wearing a Boston Red Sox cap]. I’d say it’s likely he’ll have a great time, no matter the response to this particular college. Given the stress we’ve all been under the past couple of weeks, I hope he has a great time.

[Oh, and about that stress and how it relates to the title of this blog: that ‘stop worrying’ bit, you knew better all along, right?]

Meanwhile, I had the opportunity to chat with a couple of college counselors yesterday, one independent counselor and one who helps athletes through the recruiting process. I’ll probably write more about the conversation later. For now, here’s a quote as an addition to the guide on how high school parents talk:

When a parent says, ‘I just want my child to be happy,’ really it means, ‘If they don’t get into an Ivy league, I’ll kill myself.’ It becomes apparent they’re really gaming for an elite school — and if this isn’t realistic for their student, it can take months to talk them off the ledge.

We’re trying to listen to him [here’s one of our convos] and stay off the ledge. Of course, just like all the other stages of parenting, we’re making this up as we go.

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