10 Reasons to Go Canadian.

Victoria College in the University Toronto tak...

Victoria College, U of T. Image via Wikipedia

  1. A couple of years ago, driving and listening to NPR, I heard someone talking about the reasonable cost of attending college in Canada. This caught my attention for a few reasons…

1) we have three children to put through college;
2) our family lived in Canada for 13 years, so we’re somewhat familiar with the system;
3) our three students are dual citizens; and
4) the cost for Canadian citizens is possibly lower than “reasonable.”

I paid close attention.

Soon after that I started researching Canadian universities. Next, I contacted a couple of them to inquire about the status of Canadian-born, dual-citizen, US-resident, students and where they fit into the Canadian university admissions picture. Answer:  Mod Squad Pete, Julie, and Linc are considered Canadian citizens for tuition costs (read:  in-state).

McGill University

McGill U. After all, what good is a photo of a Canadian university without snow? Image via Wikipedia

In the summer of 2010, making a big loop toward visiting family in New England, we visited the University of Toronto, Queens University in Kingston, ON, and McGill University in Montreal. Our guidance for the Mod Squad:  you don’t have to go to college in Canada, but you do have to look and consider. Whether any of them attend college in their ‘home and native land’ remains to be seen. Even for non-Canadians, however, the universities north of the border are worth considering.

Here’s what Lynn O’Shaughnessy has to say in 10 Reasons to Consider a Canadian University. Click the link to read all ten; I’ve just listed three below. Lynn blogs at College Solution and at CBS MoneyWatch.com.

With college costs continuing to skyrocket in the US, Canadian universities are looking better and better.

Here are 10 reasons why you might consider heading North for college:

1. Public Canadian universities aren’t experiencing the budget cutbacks as they are in the United States. With a stable economy, these schools are not increasing tuition in double digits.

3. Canadian universities can be more affordable than private or out-of-state public universities in the US.

6. Applying to Canadian universities is far easier than in the United States. Often it takes about 20 minutes to complete an application. Imagine that!

Hockey match at McGill University, Montreal, C...

Hockey at McGill. This is Canada, after all. Image via Wikipedia

It likely won’t surprise any long-time readers of this blog that Mod Squad Pete loved that the Canadian universities do not require essays with their applications; they mainly want to see the GPA and the rigour of study (trotting out the Canadian spelling).

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