10 Reasons to Go Canadian: the Quebecois Addendum

After writing yesterday about the benefits of Canadian universities, I thought I might revisit this briefly,  1) to provide specific tuition information, and 2) to highlight the specific benefit of being born in Quebec. The Mod Squad was born about 3300 kilometers too far west to take advantage of that benefit.

Our three students were born here:

Royal University Hospital, Saskatoon, SK

If they had been born here [or anywhere in Quebec]…

Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal, QC

… tuition at McGill would be low enough that we might be saying, “La province de Québec possède une université très fine; c’est le seul endroit où vous avez besoin pour vous inscrire!”* With predictably bad accents, that is.

Arts & Sciences BA tuition and fees for 2011-12 at McGill, excluding room and board:

  • Quebecois (born in QC):  $3,731.
  • Canadian (born elsewhere in Canada):  $7,472
  • International (born outside Canada):  $16,690.
The Strathcona Music Building, formerly Royal ...

Strathcona Music Building, McGill. Image via Wikipedia

Room and board costs are subject to specific housing offerings and specific meal plans; freshman are required to live on campus.

Add a rough average of $11,500 to estimate cost of attendance. [Almost all students move off campus sophomore year.]

  • Quebecois:  $15,231.
  • Canadian:  $18,972
  • International:  $28,190.

*The province of Quebec has a very fine university; that’s the only place you need to apply!

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