Two College Applications Submitted. Whew.

Saturday afternoon, a bit after two o’clock, we watched Mod Squad Pete submit his first college application. We took a deep breath, said ‘wow’ or something similarly brilliant, and ran off to two soccer games.

Saturday evening (after the games, some necessary clothes-shopping, and supper), Mod Squad Pete pressed the Common App submit button a second time.

Pete has one more Early Action application to go, but for now, he’s focused on his high school Spirit Week (Homecoming prep and activities from Sunday [decorate the halls and practice the senior skit] through Saturday [dance]), and I’ve taken a day or so to focus on a few non-college things.

Pete’s comment, late Saturday evening:  “I kind of felt like it was never going to get past that last hurdle. It’s hard to believe it’s done.”

Of course, it really isn’t done.

  1. The immediate response to my tweet about it was a helpful independent college consultant reminding me of the post-app ‘follow-ups.’
  2. Pete has one more supplement essay to write for that last EA application.
  3. I have to figure out how to complete the CSS Profile and submit that before November 1.

But for now, we’ll all just take another deep breath.

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4 responses to “Two College Applications Submitted. Whew.

  1. Good grief! I’m worried about the dang Gov. School App and it’s not nearly that bad…not looking forward to this time of life 🙂

    • Ah, Soccer Mom, you’ll do fine! While the entire process is a big job, it has many definable small steps. Good luck to you and your girl with the Governor’s School application — what a great opportunity!

  2. Jen

    Congrats on getting 2 apps out!

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