What High School Seniors Should Be Doing Now… and What Our H.S. Senior Did Last Week..

I ran across this list last week:  15 Crucial Tasks for High School Seniors this Fall & Winter, offered by the College Planning Group.Here’s a clip of the beginning; click the link to see all fifteen tasks.

High school seniors are in full swing with the college planning process this fall. Here are 15 things that high school seniors should be doing (or should have already done) this fall in order to plan for college. (Each link you see will give you offers a more in depth article for that specific topic.)

1) Meet with your guidance counselor to plan courses, schedule tests, and discuss college choices. Parents should be involved.

2) Plan remaining college visits. Make appointments for any remaining interviews. If possible, schedule an overnight visit to stay in a dorm and attend a few classes.

3) Decide which colleges are most interesting to you. Make a side-by-side list of features, then decide which are most important. Narrow the list. Include at least one school you feel confident will admit you, and at least one school that would be affordable even if financial aid were low.

That’s a great list, just the type of helpful information I’ve been seeking out for months to help our college search and admissions efforts. I even found myself running through it, looking for where Mod Squad Pete is on the list and what comes next. Then I remembered:  not this week.

See, this past week was Spirit Week at Pete’s high school, beginning with class color day the Friday before and culminating with the homecoming dance on Saturday night. Fortunately for Pete’s ongoing healthy relationship with his parents, he completed his first two application submissions before getting swept away by the Spirits. Homework? What homework?

Here’s what one high school senior did…

  • Multiple senior skit practices
  • Added-on piano practices (learning songs for the skit)
  • Hall decorating (the classes compete in different activities all week long, including how creative and elaborate their hall decorations convey the class theme).
  • Costumes for every day of the week (Pajama, Camo/neon, Blue & Gold, Theme, etc.)
  • Senior-faculty breakfast
  • Multiple karaoke competition practices (more to come on that)
  • Daily track practice
  • Thursday karoke competition
  • Thursday night bonfire
  • Friday skit performance
  • Friday night football game
  • Saturday night dance

For now, we’ll celebrate his having some fun and, with two best friends, achieving a perfect score with their karaoke competition. Here’s the song they performed (this is the Sugar Hill Gang, not the seniors):

Let’s hope this week he’ll be back on track with studies and one last essay for an Early Admissions app. Hey, Pete:  Jump on it!

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