Deadlines for Parents of High School Seniors

October 2011. Calendar by Mod Squad Julie.

Like many households of high school seniors, at least those applying early, we’re in the middle of the whole application cycle right now. Mod Squad Pete submitted two applications last week [truly, I cannot write that past-tense ‘submitted’ often enough]. He has one Early Admissions app to go.

Work could be done on the Regular Admissions applications; I think Pete needs to write one or two supplementary essays and he needs to complete an application for a college not using the Common App.

The looming deadline for this household, however, is for the parents. We have not written any applications or essays. [See this recent tweet from UVa’s Dean J.]

The financial aid application required for private colleges — the College Board’s Profile — needs to be done by us. Our deadline is November 1st for those Early Admissions colleges. [As an aside, the financial aid application for all colleges, public and private, the FAFSA, will be available around January 1, 2012. More about that here.]

Has anyone else completed this already? If so, please tell me about it — and how! — in comments.

What I’ve learned so far:

  1. Every student in the household requires his or her own CollegeBoard sign-in for the CSS Profile.
  2. Once you begin the Profile registration, don’t stop or your information will be lost.
  3. After you’ve registered, the Profile prompts, and strongly encourages, you to download and print out both the instructions (11 pages) and the worksheet (22 pages).
  4. When completing the application, unlike the registration, you can save, log off, and come back later.

Pardon me, I’m off to work on that Profile.

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