Early Action, Early Admission, Early Acceptance? Playing the waiting game.

November 2011. Calendar by Mod Squad Julie.

It’s a beautiful election day in central Virginia. After a freak snowfall on the weekend before Halloween — which caused all sorts of havoc in the northeast, causing a number of colleges to extend Early deadlines — we’re enjoying a sunny day in the 70s.

We can take a breather and enjoy this for the moment. The public schools were off yesterday and today (professional learning days for the teachers), so it’s been a nice long weekend for Mod Squad Pete and Julie.

Especially after Pete submitted that last early application. Here’s an update.

Pete still has strong interests in a few colleges, so no Early Decision applications for him. If, like me around this time last year, you have a hard time remembering which Early application is binding and which isn’t, take a look at this.

He has submitted applications to a state college that should be a safety for him, a state college that should be a fit, and a super-selective private college. If, like me around this time last year, you’re not sure how to figure which college is a safe, fit, or reach choice, this might be helpful.

Pete submitted them all ten days to two weeks ahead of the colleges’ deadlines, as a result of… what? Some combination of ongoing gentle nudges to strong demands to get a move on from his parents, as well as his own self interest in getting it done.

What was the worst of it? Let’s ask Pete.

“The recommendations.”

“Really, why?”

“You guys kept asking me to remember cool things I did with each teacher so I could maybe remind them, and I just couldn’t remember what I did and you wouldn’t believe me. Or maybe you believed me, but you seemed to think if I thought about it enough I would really remember. Then you’d say if I couldn’t remember what I did with them, how could I expect them to remember? Man. Could we not talk about this? I’m getting all fired up about it all over again.”

Ok, let’s not talk about it.

Next up, he’ll be working on a few regular admissions applications. They’re due around the end of the year.

The AP Psych Test, Section II Free Response Bo...

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In the meantime, there’s a mock election campaign for AP Govt, problems to be done for AP BC Calc, notes to be written for AP Psych, various other bits of homework, piano practicing for a couple of performances coming soon, and Indoor Track practices begin next week.

First, back to enjoying a beautiful autumn day!

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3 responses to “Early Action, Early Admission, Early Acceptance? Playing the waiting game.

  1. "Julie"

    Mom, please take the calendar down. I put Thanksgiving on the wrong day.

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