Who’s Got Time for College Applications?

Here we go again at Camp StrangeCollege. There’s work to be done and there’s play time to be enjoyed — especially with this weekend forecast in central Virginia:

After Thanksgiving there’s a three-week rush til the winter break (our kids are out of school December 16th) and, after that, two weeks until regular admissions deadlines.

To the older generation in the house, the sooner those regular apps get done the better. I think you could say Mod Squad Pete agrees with that. In theory.

Yet, there are friends home from college. There are plans afoot between Pete and Mod Squad Julie to invite friends for daily runs up the neighborhood mountain (how can you not think that’s a good idea?). If I know Mod Squad Linc (and I think I do), there will be many requests for touch football. I do know that Mod Squad Dad has plans for tennis with Linc (and any other takers) and basketball with Linc and Julie (and Pete, if he wishes).

Shall I continue? There will be a birthday celebration (Linc becomes a teen on Sunday). Not to mention our mutual enjoyment of watching movies and football games and playing Settlers of Catan. Finally, I will be recruiting heavily for potato peeling and clean-up crews.

Where’s the time for one more college essay in all that?

Here’s a glimpse of what Zinch recommends for the weekend (full image here).

Happy Thanksgiving, one and all!

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