Working through Common App mistakes, corrections and changes.

Oct. 20, 2013  UPDATE:  This post refers to the 2011-12 Common App. A brand new interface, introduced August 1, 2013 has rendered some of this information out of date. The 2013-14 Common App has proven to be buggy and unpredictable. See Got Common App problems? Here’s what we’re trying for updated information for the new Common App.

Recently I wrote:  Found a Mistake on the Common App After Submission? No Correcting It.

Fortunately, two readers commented with instructions on how to do just that:  Correcting Myself… On Correcting the Common App.

Mod Squad Pete, working through regular admissions applications, just updated and corrected his Common App after it had been submitted to three colleges for Early Action.

Estimated time to create new Common App?  “About three minutes.”

Ease of creating new Common App?  “Easy.”

Did you have to upload the Common App essays again? “Nope. All the information is there, same as before. But now it’s not grayed-out in the new version, so you can make changes.”

Also:  “You can toggle back and forth between the original and the new version to move colleges from one to the other.”

Glad that’s done.

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3 responses to “Working through Common App mistakes, corrections and changes.

  1. Kim

    thanks Jane! this almost seems too easy.

    I’ve had some other problems with the Common App website that I’ll mention here in case someone else has had the same problems (and can offer me advice). For one school’s admission requirements, you could send an “optional” teacher recommendation, however, the common app didn’t allow this so if you wanted to send a teacher rec you’d have to send a hard copy to the college. (Not very efficient.) Another problem that has come up more than once is that the link to a college’s supplement (under “Download Forms”) is broken. Personally, I like to have a printed copy of the supplement before my child fills it out online. Interestingly enough, sometimes you can get it from the college’s own website and sometimes you cannot.

    By the way, I called the schools in connection with both of these problems directly, and they just blame it on the Common App website. I would have thought that the colleges would be anxious to get these problems resolved.

    • Sure, the problem may by on the Common App website, but if it hinders a student from successfully submitting an application to the college, I think that’s the college’s problem, too.
      I’m amazed that colleges don’t have their own supplement available on their own websites.
      We also ran into sending some hard-copy recommendations in support of a common app submission; one can only hope all the separate pieces of the application are pulled together at the college.
      Thanks for your comment, Kim, and thanks again for the initial info on how to edit a Common App.

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