Congratulations, Pete! Next: Shifting Gears


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First, we celebrate:  Friday afternoon, December 23rd, Mod Squad Pete submitted his last two regular admissions applications. Happy dance, no more Final Jeopardy theme song playing in my head, and Merry Christmas in one fell swoop!

A day later Pete completed a couple of letters to professors he’d met during college visits, reminding them of his interest and that his application was submitted.

Then he looked a bit stunned: “Really? It’s hard to believe all that’s finally done.”

It is.

Second, we switch gears:  Onward to the world of FAFSA and scholarship applications. Some students and parents may have been able to dual process, working on college and scholarship applications at the same time. Last spring or summer I thought we might be doing that here.


We’ll work together to try to find the best opportunities and then, lucky Pete, he gets to write more apps.

Continued best wishes to all the seniors working on applications!

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