Goodbye 2011: Most popular posts and searches and a gratifying thank you..

People filing tax forms in 1920

People filing tax forms in 1920. Image via Wikipedia.

It’s time to move on to what the new year brings, but since that includes income tax forms, FAFSA completion, and scholarship apps, I’ll just hit pause and look back at 2011 for a minute.

I started writing this blog in late May; the response has been gratifying and the reader/viewer numbers have grown steadily. All that is a wonderful bonus to my original goal of learning how to follow this path of college search, admissions, and finance. Thank you!

The most viewed posts were all about the application and trying to get it right:

Ah, yes, I have noticed that my most popular post of the year had to be followed-up with a correction, which became the second most popular post. Sigh.

The next four varied a bit more:

Given the most popular posts, it’s not surprising that the majority of search terms leading readers here related to fixing a problem or answering a question or moving a college, etc. on the Common Application. Some of those search terms just made me a bit sad:

“if i sent another version of the common app, will schools get the original and the new version?”

This search intrigued me, especially since it was used, verbatim, four times:


Will this be the search of my future?

“How to stop worrying about college age children.”

A large number of people searched for the Doonesbury comic about the cost of college. Rather dismaying, though, that the majority of those searches spelled it, “Doonsbury.”

Finally, one of the most gladdening moments of writing the blog came in a comment from a reader named Andy. He posted a question asking where to find the “Move Colleges” button on the Common App. Once he found it (it’s tricky) and was able to make it work, his response:

Thank you sooo much for your help.

You don’t know how much I appreciate it.

Actually, since Mod Squad Pete went through many of these same concerns, I think I have an idea. So very glad to be of help.

Best wishes to you all for the new year.

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