Got Scholarships? Looking for free money.

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Now we start dual-processing:  figuring out how to apply for scholarships and how to complete the FAFSA (before or after doing taxes, linking or not to the IRS, absolutely completing it ASAP). Here’s how one conversation went at our house…

SCENE:  early morning, minivan enroute to high school with PARENT, MOD SQUAD PETE, and MOD SQUAD JULIE

MOOD:  Didn’t I already say it was early morning with a Mom and two teens? What more do you need to know?

MOM:  So after last night’s financial aid program, I’m more serious than before about you working on lots of scholarship applications.

M S PETE:  Really. Oh, joy. [Could have been worse: “I see” is a step below this. “Hmm” is a worse reaction. ”   ” is the worst.]

MOM:  Yep. I’m sure you know what Ms. Wright says about who gets scholarships.

PETE:  Umm, those who apply?

MOM:  Ha! You do know.

PETE:  Right, I’m applying to two already.

MOM:  Yes, well, you’ll need to apply to more; you can look at fastweb and cappex, and do your own search. There are loads out there to look at.

M S JULIE: [Eating] There’s a scholarship sticker on my clementine.


MOM & PETE:  What?

JULIE:  [laughing] Really.

PETE:  I can hear the announcement:  And we’d like to congratulate Mod Squad Pete on his $500 scholarship from CutiesKids.

As it turns out, offers a $150,000 scholarship as a contest prize to parents sending in cute videos of their very young children — sort of a 21st century Funniest Home Videos.

Here’s information from The Scholarship Coach at USNews&WorldReport on how to Get Organized for College Scholarship Application Season. Many more details at the link, here’s the outline.

1. Search for scholarships in a variety of places

2. Prepare early

3. Be thorough in your application process—and don’t rush!

Do me a favor:  don’t remind Pete there will be essays involved.

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