Good luck, Pete. And all other seniors trying out for a roster, a role, a program.

No matter how good it sounds for a college prospect to have a great admissions ‘hook’, there comes a day when that hook either works or not.

The really good athlete — not ranked in the top recruits with all the coaches calling, but good enough to play college sports — has to figure out the recruitment process, where he or she can fit into a program, and continue to produce attractive stats.

Relaxin' with The Miles Davis Quintet

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The high school musical star, if he or she wants to pursue a musical theatre major, has to find the right program and audition to get in (never mind trying out for roles once in the program).

So it goes with musicians. This week Mod Squad Pete walked into a room with a piano to audition for entrance into a music program.

It’s a tough get, the acceptance-to-audition ratio is daunting. We told him the same as when he considered applying to very selective schools:  you’ve earned the right to try, you will always wonder if you could have made it, go for it. Just remember that your life and your future happiness do not revolve around whether or not you get in.

For now, I’ll wish him — and all the other students working on getting in to the program they want, interviewing for a scholarship slot, or keeping their stats competitive — the best, and I’ll share one of his favorite songs, “You’re My Everything” by the Miles Davis Quintet. Here’s what he wrote in one of his essays:

Red Garland, the pianist on the track, starts out with a simple improvised introduction, but Miles calls him off. Davis simply says, “Play some block chords, Red,” and the result is superb, culminating with an amazing turnaround: bam bu-dam ba bu-dum. It leads perfectly into the next section. Miles’ and John Coltrane‘s solos are great, but what makes this song exquisite is Garland’s introduction.

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3 responses to “Good luck, Pete. And all other seniors trying out for a roster, a role, a program.

  1. Mozy

    Wow, Jane, your son sounds like a wonderful, articulate kid! He hasn’t made his choice yet? Good luck to him.

    • Ha! A couple of weeks ago I realized I’d been listening to him explain why some rap songs are so bad — lazy rhymes — and I was actually interested. He loses me, though, when he starts talking dub-step!
      He has some acceptances and some colleges he’s still waiting to hear from — he’s waiting until all the results are in before making up his mind.
      Thanks so much!

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