How’s the mood in your house, HS seniors and families?

So much for the college admissions letters responding to Early Action or Early Decision or, even Early Decision II applications. That was, clearly, early in the game.

Now we’re in the last week of March, staring down the beginning of April, when almost all of the Regular Decision letters are due. Good thing, too, since the high school seniors have only four weeks from receipt of college letters until May 1st, our own college D-Day, when the decision and the deposit must be made.

So, how’s it going at your house?

Is the mood joyful? Cue Otis Redding, The Happy Song:

I hope it’s not glum. Mr. Redding again, singing Fa-Fa-Fa [the sad song]:

Maybe, you’re still waiting to hear… Here’s Dusty Springfield, Wishin’ and Hopin’:

I asked Mod Squad Pete to pick a song to represent his mood and here’s what I got: Carl Carlton, singing Everlasting Love. The thinking:

It feels like a very resolved song. I’ve finished everything I needed to. The results are coming in and I can’t really do anything else now. It’s kind of like the big, wrap-it-up song at the end of the movie.

Crank up the volume and feel free to sing along:

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2 responses to “How’s the mood in your house, HS seniors and families?

  1. Carolyn

    In a year, all this worry will morph into a new kind of worry. Cheers!

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