College decision month: Virtual visits?


Mod Squad Pete. And a tee shirt to be named later.

As I wrote earlier, we’re going back to a couple of college campuses this week to attend Admitted Student events, take a second (or third) look around, and ask questions.

One of Mod Squad Pete’s colleges is too far away to revisit. He’s been there twice: 1) prior to his junior year, for the full admissions tour; 2) two months ago for an audition. (He’s been accepted into one program there; awaits word from another). That school has invited Pete to attend a midweek evening event (about 120 miles away, but 600 miles closer than campus).  Here’s what’s on offer:

The event begins with a presentation on everything that  ___ U. has to offer. Topics include: housing, course selection and registration, campus life, work and extracurricular opportunities, and living in ___. Following the presentation, recent graduates will share their  ___ U. stories. The event will wrap up with a Question & Answer period.

Will that event, lasting around 90 minutes, be worth the five-hour round trip? More important to Pete, is it worth missing a track meet?

If this is the school, I’d say yes, especially given the distance. We’ll see.

If this event weren’t available, we could — and yes, even with this event, we may — avail ourselves of virtual tours and social media connections. Throughout the entire admissions process we’ve learned a great deal via blogs and tweets from colleges.

On Smart College Visit, Z. Kelly Queijo offers 8 Easy Steps to Create Your Own Virtual College Visit. Here are a few:

  • College Newspaper. Read it online or even subscribe for a while. You’ll definitely find out more about campus life.
  • College/University Blogs. If not immediately obvious from the school’s web site, use the search tool to find admissions or student blogs. There may even be a college/university president’s blog.
  • College Twitter Accounts. News, admissions, sports, events, professors, student organizations…follow the accounts representing what you think will be important to you if enrolled. You can always unfollow later.

All great ideas.

Meanwhile, our hometown University has been making social connections on Pinterest. See Pinterest 101 Courtesy of the University of Virginia for a glimpse of boards they’ve created to connect with students, alumni and — I’d bet — prospective students.

That’s a much better resource than the Fake [college president] Twitter accounts Jenna Johnson wrote about in the Washington Post!

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