National College Decision Day: Pete’s going to college.


Mod Squad Pete and his chosen college.

Sunday afternoon Mod Squad Pete moved from being a prospective student to a member of the University of Virginia class of 2016.

That final step didn’t seem to take very long, given all that had gone into the undertaking.

Six and a half months after submitting his first Common App, after refereeing a soccer game and before heading out to bus tables, Pete took five minutes to sign on to the SIS and click on the accept button.

Then one minute to post it on Facebook, natch.

Later he sent notes to the other colleges that had invited him to attend. He still has a few things on the to do list: thank yous to his recommendation letter writers, sign-up for orientation days, etc. None of the items on that list, however, carry the emotional weight of the ‘trying to get into college’ to do list.

UVA_baseball_capIn fact, after four AP exams over the next two weeks, he may have arrived at the fun, do-almost-nothing part of senior year.

Congratulations, Pete, on working your way through this decision. And congratulations to all the high school seniors:  best of luck at your new schools!

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15 responses to “National College Decision Day: Pete’s going to college.

  1. Wahoowa! Congrats to Pete…he made a great decision – and gave a lot of good stories for the blog along the way. I know Mom is excited. Now on to the next one!

  2. Whew! What a relief to have that part over!! UVA has a great music program; I know he’ll do wonderfully!

    • I hear you, Jen! And I have to warn you, all those questions in April asking where he was going reminded me of the never-ending questions the last couple of months of pregnancy, as in, “Haven’t had that baby *yet*?” This, too, in your future!

  3. Yippee! I felt like distant relative throughout this journey thanks to your blog! Congrats to Pete and UVA!

    • Thank you so much, Kelly. Comments, emails, and tweets through the process made me feel like Pete had a full DrStrangeCollege team of friends and family in support! What a great gift!

  4. Jen

    WONDERFUL news!!!! Congratulations to you all for getting through the college application process, part 1. Take a break before embarking on the next child’s. 🙂

  5. uvadeanj

    Congratulations!!! We are so lucky to have Pete in the class. Wahoowa!

    • Thanks, DeanJ! I’m certain you already know this: UVa’s Days on the Lawn (really, all admitted student programs) are so important for HS students to get a feel for what it might be like to be a student on the grounds. Such a different feeling from visiting as a prospect. Plus, we got to meet the very handsome CavDog! Thank you for the comment and for the welcome.

  6. Caroline Bertrand

    Congratulations! My son will end up in the same place but his process was closer to throwing darts blindfolded… I’m curious, what do think you will do differently with the next child?

    • Hi Caroline, Congratulations to your son! Maybe they’ll end up in a jazz ensemble together?
      I’ve been thinking about what we might do differently next time around. MS Julie, about to complete her sophomore year, not only has different interests but also is a very different type of student. I’m likely to think about this some more and write about it eventually. We, of course, have joked that when it gets to be MS Linc’s turn, we’ll just hand him a pen and say ‘go for it, kid.’
      Thanks for the comment!

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