On Teen Health: getting ready for college.

Somewhere on Mod Squad Pete’s list of tasks required by his college is the completion of a substantial physical health form. Needing a physical this summer is nothing new; our school division — actually the Virginia High School Sports League — requires annual physicals of any participating athletes.

Via UVA Teen Health Center. Click to enlarge.

This one is just a similar form on steroids.

An article in our local paper yesterday, written by Dyan A. Aretakis, a family nurse practitioner and project director for the University of Virginia Teen Health Center, explains more about what is needed: Vital Signs:  Preparing teens for college

Before you send your graduate off to college, it is important to submit a complete medical history so the institution has a record of all the important dates and details. A review of your family history (siblings, parents, grandparents, etc.) will impact specific screening tests that may be indicated as your child gets older. All colleges require documentation of immunizations or a waiver if you decline them.

Ms. Aretakis raises a number of good points in the article, including:

  • commonly missing adolescent immunizations
  • how to deal with prescriptions
  • how to seek out medical services your college may not offer, and more.

The UVa Teen Health Center is hosting a conversation for local parents to teens heading off to college. Other colleges may do this as well; if not, see the article for questions to raise with medical professionals.

I realize I am not concerned (or less concerned) about some of these off-to-college questions in part because Pete is going about five or six miles down the road. We may not see him very often (that will be his call), but we’re certainly available in case of any illness or emergency.

Still, I’ll be stopping by Open Grounds tomorrow night to see what I should know.

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