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Follow up: What do colleges want to see?

A couple of weeks back, I posted this Q&A:

Does a college look at what type of diploma my student earned?

The parent followed-up with more information about the question:

The reason for my questions: G and I were at the HS last week for an orientation session. She’s planning to go for the Advanced diploma, but it requires 4 maths and 4 sciences and, while she could fit them into her schedule, her interests and plans are such that she would much rather get the 3 maths and 3 sciences required by the Commonwealth of Virginia and then use those extra credits to focus on higher-level English classes (e.g. Shakespeare) and/or picking up another foreign language. At this point, I’m telling her not to worry about junior and senior years and just focus on the coming year and the transition to high school. (Oy, what an overachiever.)

Which prompted my response:QandA block

I would say your last line — not to worry about junior and senior years now — is the best advice.

There are also many opportunities outside the HS classrooms, including taking a summer course at UVa after junior year (where she could pick up another foreign language or study Shakespeare).

As further information, we met last week with our counselor about Mod Squad Julie’s senior year (and college choices) and, even though Julie has completed five maths and four sciences, she needs to take both next year because, according to our counselor, “the colleges want to see math and science still during the senior year.”

Parents of high school students talk — and speculate — a lot about what colleges want. Our guidance counselor is well informed, professional, and quite helpful. She doesn’t speculate about what she doesn’t know, she will provide as much information as she possibly can, and she will do her best to find answers to our questions. We’re very, very grateful.

I especially appreciate when she can clearly state what colleges want to see.

What’s been your experience with guidance counselors? Good, bad, indifferent? Let me know, below, in comments.

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