Head’s up: Free webinars on how to pay for college.

I don’t often give over this space to promote something. Since I cannot remember if I ever have in the two years I’ve been writing here, this may be a first. All that simply to say, here is a great opportunity for any parents wondering about how college pricing works and how to pay.

Via The Atlantic.

Via The Atlantic.

Two college admissions and finance specialists, Lynn O’Shaughnessy and Michelle Kretzschmar, have joined together to develop a series of free live webinars this summer.

The first, to be held next Sunday, June 2nd at 7 pm EDT, will cover:

  • Why College Sticker Prices are Meaningless. It’s a lot like airline prices or buying a car but not as transparent and no Priceline equivalent.
  • The Real Story Behind College Scholarships. There really aren’t millions of dollars of scholarship money out there that goes unclaimed. But there is money if you know where to look.

You can read more about it on Lynn’s College Solution website and on Michelle’s DIY College Rankings website here. No registration is required, simply go to The College Solution Webinar page.

I’ll be there.

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One response to “Head’s up: Free webinars on how to pay for college.

  1. Thanks Jane for spreading the word on your great blog about our webinar!

    Lynn O’Shaughnessy

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