No more Middle School, and a new High School, for the Mod Squad.


It’s not just the graduation that’s a blur. What the heck happened to the last fourteen years?

Last night Linc, the youngest member of our Mod Squad, graduated from 8th grade. Like his older siblings at the same age, he is more than ready to move on to high school.

While our oldest child, M.S. Pete, continues to push us into new realms of parenting (Hello, college — whoa, where did that first year go!), the third child closes doors on familiar territories.

Walking down the aisle, moving the tassle from one side of his cap to the other, Linc ushered us out of middle school. He will also usher us into a new high school experience, since Linc will attend a STEM-related academy in the fall. The Math, Engineering, and Science Academy is hosted by a high school in our division, just not the same HS Pete attended and Julie will be a senior at this August. Ahem. In June.

In preparation for an academic schedule we anticipate will be demanding, Linc will take a couple of courses this summer — PE via summer school and Health via an online course — and open up time in his schedule for study hall.

For now, though, we’ll celebrate rather than anticipate.

Congratulations, Linc!

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