Yes, she’s going to college.

On a cold winter’s night in January… I returned home from the basketball game while Mod Squad Julie and her dad went out for a meal.

First one, then the other called me. Julie had heard during the school day that application statuses would be posted that night, but with a team meal after school, then the game, there had been no opportunity to check.

Happy Mia, unaware she will be losing her best buddy in a few months

Happy Mia, unaware she will be losing her best buddy in a few months

Now, though, with the game behind her and me near a computer, could I check?

Yes, I could. She waited impatiently, worrying that it was bad news when it took longer than expected to navigate through the college’s interface.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Congratulations, it said.

We both shouted long and loud, laughing and exulting. Her younger brother called upstairs to see what the uproar was all about, then cheered in response. Julie asked me to text her older brother right away, who promptly shouted it out to his friends.

Then we all calmed down and moved on.

Financial aid applications demand our attention. There are more basketball games, scholarship applications, and the wait for regular admission results.

For now, though:  one’s first college acceptance is an awesome event.

If you have a high school senior in the house, I hope there has been plenty of good news coming your way.


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4 responses to “Yes, she’s going to college.

  1. Jen

    Lovely news. Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations! Our daughter is a high school senior and right in the midst of scholarship applications and making a final decision on which college to choose. It’s bittersweet…exciting but also breaks my heart to think about her leaving home. We are so proud, though. She received a great scholarship offer from her top choice of colleges.

    • Kari, Congratulations to your daughter and your family! I understand and share those emotions — the bittersweet, the excitement, the pride. Such wonderful news that she got a great offer from her top choice! Thanks for sharing your news!

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