Seniors: It’s almost over

Welcome to the last dip of the roller coaster.

Whether you began the ride way back in middle school, charting a path through Algebra, then Geometry, then Algebra II, and so on in order to get to AP Calculus BC for senior year, or you began with a few college visits during spring break of junior year, or some wide variation from either of those tracks… as March slowly fades away, if you (or your high school senior) applied to colleges via regular admission, the wait is almost over.

Soon you will have received the last of your admission decision letters.

I truly hope that you will receive exciting news from a college you care about.

And if you have received one letter that says thanks, but no thanks… at least you challenged yourself.

Soon, it will be the colleges’ opportunity to court you.

But for now and not much longer, in the splendid words of the Alabama Shakes, “You got to hold on…”

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