Best college admission blogs worth reading and how, by Michelle Kretzschmar, published on DIY College Rankings:

There are so many college admission blogs out there, it’s hard to decide which  ones to read. After all, you can’t read them all and you don’t want to waste your time reading posts on the same topics. And how do you know which are any good?  If you do a search on “best college blogs” you’ll find things like “50 best college admission blogs,” “Top 25 College Blogs,” and  “22 College Blogs You  Should be Reading.” Not very helpful.

So what I want to offer here is a limited number of blogs that I’ve found useful and the way I follow them. Of course, useful for me doesn’t necessarily mean useful for you but if nothing else, you’ll realize something that you don’t like and can avoid it in the future.

Category: Parent Discussion

Dr. StrangeCollege or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Journey: This is another blog that comes at it from the parent perspective. Jane Kulow started the blog when she began the college search process with her son. Her topics range from the practical to reassuring. Sometime you just want to know  that another parent has the same issues and concerns.

Online college resources for parents, published on Parents Countdown to College Coach, listed Dr. StrangeCollege:

Recently, I prepared a list of what I believe to be invaluable college resources for parents online. I’ve found these resources to be helpful during the college admissions process and can vouch for the quality of the information they provide. This is not an all-inclusive list, but some of my favorite go-to resources. After all…”we get by with a little help from our friends”.

Avoid 5 Assumptions About College Financial Aid, published in USNews & World Report Education. An excerpt:

Even when an accepted student receives financial aid award packages from colleges, the necessary sleuthing isn’t complete.

“I think every college thinks they are providing adequate information … But when you’re in the position of the parent and trying to track that information for multiple schools, it’s all presented in completely different ways under completely different names,” says Jane Kulow, a future college parent who blogs about her family’s college decision process. “It takes, truly, a lot of detective work.”

Questions to ask on the Admitted Student Campus Visit, published on Smart College Visit. An excerpt:

No matter what they’re called, admitted student visit days are about giving the student the opportunity for one last look at school before deciding where to spend the next four years of college life.  The college wants you. Now, you have to decide if you want the college.

I asked admissions consultants Jeannie Borin and John Carpenter, along with Jane Kulow, mother of an admitted college student, for their advice on this topic.

Charlottesville Plugged-In, local tv news feature on Dr StrangeCollege.


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